Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some New Jesus Music

I like music. Had I actually finished college (that's another post) I probably would have a degree in some kind of music. I like lots of different genre's to the exclusion of most rap & country. I don't detest either one, just not my fav's.

So, today when I was surfing the web (because I have nothing better to do, right?) I came across Gretchen Harris. She is a contemporary Catholic musician and some of of her titles include, Prayer of St. Francis, You are Near and others. She has rosary CD and one titled "Sing of Mary".

Perhaps you've already been introduced but this was our first meeting. I like her! She has a very sweet voice...listening to her is peaceful. You might like her too. Seriously.

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Roxanne Kristina said...

Way cool!

Roxanne Kristina