Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Walls Are Closing In On Me

One year ago we made the decision to move from the city to the "country". We are 30 minutes away from the big city and 10 minutes from the closest grocery store in a small suburb near us. Because I do not work outside the home I occasionally feel a little claustrophobic...even in our nearly 2700 sq ft! Especially this summer. I go to church on Sundays and the rest of our activities are here in our little community. I venture out to pick up groceries or occasionally pick up fast food from our limited options. Last week while The Coach was gone to football camp I got it really bad. I needed to see traffic, some tall buildings, maybe a restaurant and possibly visit TCBY.

I love my man. He was tired when he came home on Thursday so I let him sleep for about 6 hours. (He had been gone 6 days and they were practicing 3x/day in 100-degree temps!) On Friday morning I let him sleep in. Friday afternoon we lounged around the house just enjoying the fact that he was back home with us. By 3 or 4pm I was getting a little antsy. The Coach loaded the children into the car and took us for a drive into the city. ahhhhhh, relaxation. I know it sounds sooo crazy, but seeing this made me so happy!

We drove around our old neighborhood, rolled through a carwash and stopped to get me a Coca-Cola from my favorite...Burger Street. Let me say that I have specific criteria for fountain sodas. They must be in a styrofoam cup (for the insulation) and they must have "good ice". The Coach cannot understand this ice issue, but...Sonic ice pellets - good ice; McDonald's chunk ice - not so much. Burger Street - FABULOUS's the flaky kind!! Ohhhh, he must love me.

Then we went to see this...

Could She be more beautiful?? The Cathedral Shrine of The Virgin of Guadalupe is the Mother Church of our Diocese and has been standing since 1902! Can you see me beam with pride...what a piece of architecture! ;-)

We attended the Chrism Mass here in 2004 and the Rite of Election during our RCIA process.

We ended our city-adventure by eating an early dinner at El absolute favorite restaurant!!

So that concludes my "day out". Do you ever feel the walls closing in on you?


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY understand the "good ice" thing!

Jessica said...

I don't drink enough (or any!) soda to really care about the ice :) BUT I TOTALLY understand the feeling of the wall closing in on me!

My hubby has only been gone since MONDAY and I am already going crazy. I took the kids out to the grocery store yesterday, but it didn't really help. I am looking forward to tomorrow since we will be getting together with some friends.

That Cathedral is BEAUTIFUL!!! How nice to have that in your area.

Julie D. said...

Hey, that looks like Dallas to me! Another blogger in the neighborhood. If you're ever swinging through with time to spare (hahaha) let me know. :-)

Anonymous said...

Some days I feel like that and I am in the city. Glad you had such a fun time, aren't husbands the best?

Roxanne Kristina said...

Perfect day! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Regina said...

sonic ice, by far, is the best ice.

ack, that city is too big, and too hot, and TOO humid ;)