Thursday, April 17, 2008

We've Adopted...

...a couple of Boxers! :)

Meet 2yr old best friends Brutus & Precious
(Brutus has white on his muzzle)

These kiddo's are 2 weeks apart in age but have been together since birth. Already we are noticing the unique relationship they have with one another. Brutus is definitely the 'alpha male', and he is an attention hog! Precious seems content to sit back and let him do as he pleases. She is shy and laid back while Brutus is a little more energetic.

Veggie and Saucy were sleeping when The Coach brought the dogs home (they had no idea we were getting dogs) so it was a huge surprise Wednesday morning when they woke up! :) Now I have trouble separating the 4 of them.

Brutus and Precious are pretty attached to each other and still seem a little freaked out to be in a new place with new people. They are so well behaved - now if only my human kids would do the same, right? :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Am Blessed

Once I posted the messy house pictures I got a little worried about letting everyone see them. A little 'photographer's remorse' set in. However, "Anonymous" wrote...

Our house is very clean now - and silent. Cleaner than its ever been. Our children are grown and we are stationed a continent from them.

I looked at your pictures with envy...

It put everything into perspective for me. It forced me to look at the pictures with a different set of eyes. Instead of the critical, self-examining vision that comes as such second nature to me, I had to see the mess through corrective lenses.

I have two healthy children who are active, smart, mess-makin' little people. They bring such joy and surprise to our lives. Veggie Boy is so smart, but we liken him to the little cloud of dust on the Peanuts cartoon. He is a bull in a china shop, Messy Marvin, etc. He dirties more clothes than any other person in our house and his heart is bigger than any other 9 yr old boy I know. He is very sensitive to the needs of others - bringing an extra jacket to school for the boy who doesn't have one, offering to be a partner to his classmate with whom no one would pair-up. These behaviors are normal to him. He is a natural born leader. All of this from the 3lb 15oz tiny baby we took home from the hospital 6 weeks before his due date. By all accounts he could be a special needs kiddo, instead God saw fit to bless us with his complete physical and intellectual health.

Saucy is such a princess and adores all things pink & sparkly. She meticulously selects her clothes and has such a distinct personality. She will "tell it like it is" to anyone who asks. (which is a clear reminder that to watch what we say around her :)) She is full of energy and seems to be a natural athlete. She is a good friend but is still definitely 5 when it comes to problem solving. She is our cuddle-bug and will brighten anyone's day with her beautiful smile.

The Coach loves football and is blessed enough to wake up each day and live his passion. Lots of people struggle just to find their passion and the reality of living may evade them forever, but not my man. He works 12 hour days in off-season and we don't even try to count the hours during football season. He misses a lot of life here at the house but we join him when we can. Fall Friday nights are the best. We're all decked out in orange and I have snacks and pom-poms shoved into my purse as we sit on the 50-yard line - about 6-8 rows up - and cheer our team on.

We are busy people. We are involved in our community, our church and the local schools. I may not always get to the laundry and the dishes may fill my sink, but Dear Stranger-Friends, I am blessed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Full Disclosure - It's Ugly Folks!

Last week I worked part-time for my aunt on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday and then I subbed for 4th grade at Veggie's school on Friday. It was a really long week and things around the house got pretty out of control. I hate not being home to stay on top of things. I've come to realize that the older I get the more of a homebody I become.

Periodically I decide that I'd like to work a little to earn some extra money. Our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up (4/18) and I'd like to actually go somewhere. A wonderful family from church has offered to let the kids stay with them overnight so we are deciding what we'll do. :) God's provision is always there, isn't it? He knows our needs and meets them (in accordance with His will). How blessed we are.

I digress. I've decided to post the pictures of just how bad the house got last week for a couple of reasons. 1) In the spirit of full disclosure - it's all too easy for my blog to portray my life as something it's not and, 2) As a reminder - I need visual reminders of what happens when I work too much. I'm human. Sometimes I slip into the "I wanna go back to work 'cause the money would really help us out" mode...I lose sight of God's constant provision.

I planned to show pictures of the "after"; however, I'm working this week. (Seriously, did I just type that? I know I said "full disclosure", blah, blah, blah, but...)

I know. It's ugly.

St. Monica, Pray For Me! :)