Saturday, November 24, 2007

Refreshed, Rejuventated, Revived

We are still in OKC, but, this morning, The Coach told me he felt refreshed! He even said he's ready to get back to football. Wow. Amazing what a few days away from everything will do for ya. We even turned off the cell phones!

As we gathered around my mother-in-law's dining table on Thursday, I was reminded that no matter what you do or how far you stray, a family is always there. We had 4 generations in the same room. From Big Mama (Grandma) to our 2 month old cousin - a sweet little girl who snuggled on my chest and slept (oh, it was pure yellow!); all walks of life were represented. I don't always agree with the way everyone lives their life as I'm sure they have thoughts about me ;-)...BUT, we're family and that's what will always bring us together. Love - a tie that binds!

We will head home this evening AFTER the OU vs. OSU game, of course! We will get back to our lives - schooling, dancing, cooking, cleaning, football & winter sports. I will start Christmas projects and continue traditions as the next few weeks pass by. Life is but a season and if we fail to refresh our spirit, breathe in the goodness and bask in the joy that is our family it will pass us by all too quickly. God has richly blessed us and, for that, I'm eternally grateful.
Blessings & Peace Stranger-Friends!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow morning we are heading to OKC to visit my in-laws for the holidays, but before we go I'd like to leave a little bloggy link-love!

You've seriously GOT to check
out fellow Coach's Wife, Megan, over at Sorta Crunchy. Her post is so great. I know it will give you a little laugh!

Happy Thanksgiving Stranger-Friends!

Monday, November 19, 2007

God's Calling

Ok, Stranger-Friends. I've got to share. Are you sitting down? OK, ahem...

God called me.
Sunday morning.
On my cell phone.

Oh, I know what you are thinking..."this crazy blogger woman has lost her ever-loving mind". But, I submit to you the following:


That's the phone number (I deleted the area code for bloggy safety) that called me at 5 am. I answered and nothing. Then click. I immediately called the number back and it's a recording (not the usual recording lady either) saying that I've reached a number that is not in service! What? How could a phone that's not in service call me?

I've been in heavy prayer and contemplation about 2 particular subjects and I think He was responding.

I'm sure lots of you cynical sceptics will explain this away, but I choose to believe God called me.

Sunday morning.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update: Family and Football. Or is it Football and Family?

Saucy Girl is sick. Again. Second time in less than 2 months. Gosh, how I love the little germy kids at her school!

Today is Day 2 of her quarantine and she's not happy about it. At 5:30am she asked if she could go to school! She's convinced that "G", her little friend, is just missing her somethin' terrible. Saucy Girl is the social butterfly of the family so it's no doubt that she's worried about her lack of socializing during this week. Forget the academics. She's concerned about her popularity status.


Please step away from the stadium. Football season is officially over. It was a looonnng one, stranger-friends. We finished the season 0-10. Yeah. Not so great. We know. (But a HUGE congratulations to my good friend Carolyn on an undefeated season! Go Scots! We'll be watching!)

Now it's time for the reflective season. The one where The Coach can, mid-conversation, start talking about the mistakes, the personnel decisions, the changes that need to be made, etc. He is feeling mentally drained and is craving a vacation. So, next week we are packing it up and heading to OK to visit his parents. Nothing like spending some time with your mama to make you feel better. However, a 4 hour car ride with the little people isn't my idea of fun. OK. Comment all you want. I love my little people like I love my next breath; however, being crammed into a vehicle for 4 hours? Ummm, I'd rather not. And my littles don't sleep on road trips, they just talk. And talk. And talk. (you get the idea?)

So, what are you planning for the Thanksgiving holidays? Anyone taking any road trips? How do you maintain your sanity on the long car rides?

Blessings, Stranger-Friends!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Sunday's are relatively quiet around here. We attend church together, we eat lunch together, and then we nap together! Yup. The Coach instituted "Family Nap Time " several years ago. 2 hours of quiet!!

After nap time this past Sunday I insisted that the kids clean their rooms. You know the drill..."we're not starting another week with a messy room...blah, blah, blah..." Anyway, after about 30 minutes of "cleaning time", I was presented with this":

Veggie Boy: "Mom, I've been writing a song [while I was supposed to be cleaning my room]. Hear this." (mom's note: I absolutely looooove that he says, "hear this"...he's done it since he was tiny)

When reading this just hum to any song as the more he sang the more it sounded like a song from one of our Seeds CD's...

I will not go
For He's the Lord.
I will never disobey
He's the leader of our people

He's the Holy One,
The greatest God you will ever know
That's how we get our miracles
Like having a little girl or a baby boy
And they're so beautiful words can't even explain it
They're like a miracle from above

And that's why you should believe in God
He's the greatest person you will ever know
I can't believe how great He is
You should never give up hope
Because God will be there for you.

Saucy Girl: "Mom, I wrote a song too!"
Veggie Boy: "No, you didn't."
Saucy Girl: "Yes, I did. Be quiet. Moooommm, listen to mine."
Mom: "Ok, go ahead I'm listening."

I can't quite describe the breaks my heart to admit this, but I can say that my baby was fulfilling her scriptural duties of making a joyful noise (noise being the operative word here, folks)

I got alived
Because my mom got me alived
That's how everyone gets alived
From God

What more can I say, stranger-friends? My children are soooo talented! :D

For more Tiny Talk Tuesday, head over to Not Before 7!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Musings

cash advance

Okay, it's Monday; we've finished our schooling for the day and I was checking out some of my favorite blog reads when I found this one. I curiously input my url and was quite surprised to get this rating. Wow! A little bit of affirmation for this new bloggin' mom.

Have a great day, stranger-friends!

Hat Tip to Nutmeg!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last week was just crazy around here. We had plans every day and were even away from the house several days during school hours. We're are getting back on schedule tomorrow morning, though!

The Coach and I are
enjoying the Cowboy game and Chocolate Shakes and I thought I'd post our menu for the week - be assured it will include another batch of these shakes!

Monday - Italian Chicken over Rice*
Tuesday - Cheeseburger Rolls
Wednesday - Fettuccine Alfredo
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - Baked Potatoes
Saturday - Burritos

Italian Chicken over Rice
2-3 celery stalks, chopped
2-3 carrots, chopped
2 TBS EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
2 lg boneless skinless chicken breasts, diced (or sliced...your choice)
14.5 oz can of Italian style diced tomatoes w/basil & oregano
Parmesan cheese

Saute' first 2 ingredients in EVOO until soft; add chicken and cook until white on the outside. Add tomatoes and simmer for 15 minutes on low; sprinkle cheese on top, cover and continue simmering another 5 minutes or so. Serve over rice and enjoy!

Stop by I'm An Organizing Junkie for more menu motivation!