Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Way I See It

We like to sit up front for mass. Today we got the second row.

The altar server was a young girl - probably 9th/10th grade - and was wearing frayed blue jeans and turquoise rubber flip-flops. Hmmmmm

On the row in front of us were 5 young men - maybe 18-20 yrs old. They zipped into the parking lot in their giant pickup and were laughing and cutting up as they walked down the sidewalk. All five looked as if they dressed from the same closet. Rugged boots, worn jeans and longsleeved button-ups, untucked and slightly wrinkled. They all knelt down and prayed before mass started and each participated fully. They chuckled when Fr. Duffy threw in his weekly joke (it's just not Sunday without one) and they stayed in their pew, singing the last hymn until the music stopped.

I'm constantly being taught lessons from above.

Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love.