Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Way I See It

We like to sit up front for mass. Today we got the second row.

The altar server was a young girl - probably 9th/10th grade - and was wearing frayed blue jeans and turquoise rubber flip-flops. Hmmmmm

On the row in front of us were 5 young men - maybe 18-20 yrs old. They zipped into the parking lot in their giant pickup and were laughing and cutting up as they walked down the sidewalk. All five looked as if they dressed from the same closet. Rugged boots, worn jeans and longsleeved button-ups, untucked and slightly wrinkled. They all knelt down and prayed before mass started and each participated fully. They chuckled when Fr. Duffy threw in his weekly joke (it's just not Sunday without one) and they stayed in their pew, singing the last hymn until the music stopped.

I'm constantly being taught lessons from above.

Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Starting Over

For the four readers that I have (thanks Mom & Annette!) :) I plan to begin posting again. I've spent the last 9 months trying to adjust to being a working mom. Trying to find my groove, get organized, learn how to accomplish everything in 24 hours (I just don't think it's possible) and still maintain my sanity hasn't been an easy task. I've spent many a day frustrated, tired, and in tears but I know that God has a plan for my life and for my family. I know this season is but a short chapter in the book He is writing for us.

The long and short of the last 9 months is that I work an hour away from the house so we have enrolled the kids in a Catholic school that is 4 miles from my office. We have just begun football season and The Coach is keeping 14-15 hour days!! He is very tired but loves his new head coach and loves his new school. It is such a huge change from being in the urban district he came from! We went to a scrimmage this morning and the stands were full! Last year, the kids and I would have been one of - maybe - a dozen people in attendance, so this is a big difference even for us! Everyone is just so exicted about cheering on this new team.

I look forward to sharing the craziness of our life with my family, irl friends & my stranger-friends through this silly little blog and would love to hear from you!

(by the way, I have made time to read a few blogs every day - it helps keep me sane :) - I know I haven't commented much (if at all) but it's been a blessing to me nonetheless. Thanks for your consistency! You never know who's reading and is feeling encouraged by your words.)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

American Girl - Celebrate Your Inner Star!

Heather wrote that she never thought she'd be this mom...I must admit, I am this mom. I love these dolls and wanted Caela to have one well beyond a reasonable age. Santa brought her "Zoe" (not to be confused with Zoey) for Christmas 2 years ago and she has been part of our family since.
Last November the Dallas location opened and we've been saying that we'd go but it seems we never made it. So, after I went back to work I decided to bribe her with a trip to the Bistro and Salon. You see, she has had the hardest time adjusting to the new family dynamic and many days she'd begin with tears. Today was our Mommy-Daughter date in celebration of making it throught the last 7 weeks! When we walked in I believe Caela heared the angels sing "hallelujah, amen" and then she took off. She bounced from one section to the next as quickly as a ping-pong. It was all quite overwhelming and yet exciting all at once. She asked me, "Mom, why are you smiling?" It was just so fun to see her be a child. I hope I always remember to slow down to catch the view from here more often.

Does it get cuter than this? My picture isn't too clear, but this little hook is on the bathroom stall just to the front left of the toilet. It says, "Hang your doll here"! Oh, my heavenly days!

After brunch, Zoe had an appointment at the salon. Caela chose the style and ribbon colors. Quite honestly I was amazed at how well it turned out. Since Zoe has curly hair - just like Caela - it can get a little crazy, but our stylist did a great job.

I love this little quote above the door!

Every Who down in Who-ville,

the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any presents at all!

He HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!

Friday was the last day of school before the holiday break and all the 1st graders dressed as Who's. I know she may not look like much in this photo, but her sweater had a little fringe on the cuffs and she wore fuzzy slippers. Her hair looked really cute - I had to convince her it wasn't too much!
Merry Christmas, Stranger-Friends!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

I've been meaning to post this picture to share our celebration of the Feast of The Immaculate Conception but life has thrown us a few curve balls. Last Monday both kids were sick so I scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician and turns out they both had strep throat. This is a new occurrence for Jaedon, but unfortunately this was the 5th time since October 3rd for Caela. Poor baby is miserable! We visited the ENT and he has scheduled surgery for the 29th. She is very nervous and so am I! She hates hospitals and I can't say that I blame her, but I know she will feel so much better when her tonsils come out. The ENT said that there is very little space between her tonsils and her uvula. Nighttime breathing has become a challenge and she is extra 'fussy' these days. Please remember her in your prayers.

Back to our 'celebration'...We (the Coach and I) had a white dinner and I made white cupcakes that I decorated with white icing and clear sprinkles. Caela colored the lovely portrait you see above just shortly before she fell out. :) As I'm sure you can imagine, our evening ended early...

Father, You prepared the Virgin Mary to be the worthy mother of your son. You let her share beforehand in the salvation Christ would bring by his death, and kept her sinless from the first moment of her conception. Help us by her prayers to live in your presence without sin.We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,one God, for ever and ever.

Monday, December 8, 2008

St. Nicholas Likes Hot Cocoa?

Saturday night we celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas. This was our first year to do this and it was a lot of fun. The kids were so excited to participate in all the activities I had planned. I did not accomplish all I had on my list, but next year I will be 'on my game' and better prepared.

Jessica, Catholic Mom Extraordinaire, is soooo gracious and always shares her fabulous plans. Now that I am working fulltime - outside the home - MOST days I feel completely overwhelmed and underprepared. I love that I have Jessica as a resource. So it is with that disclaimer that I share what our family did on Saturday night. :)

We made St. Nicholas Hot Cocoa (cocoa was said to be his favorite drink), and the kids turned chocolate santa's into chocolate St. Nicholas'...

I really wanted to read, St. Nicholas The Wonder Worker, but I had a hard time finding the book (when I had free time to look). Note to self: Next year order online in advance!

At bedtime, the kids set a shoe at their doorway and woke to a nice surprise...

Altogether, I'd say it was a good evening.
God of joy and cheer, we thank you for your servant, the good bishop Nicholas. In loving the poor, he showed us your kindness;in caring for your children,he revealed your love. Make us thoughtful without need of reward so that we, too, may be good followers of Jesus.