Monday, June 30, 2008

Pardon Our Mess

Whittaker Woman put it out there today. She thinks we should all confess our dirty little hiding spots. *sigh* I think this could get ugly here in Texas!

Downstairs couch was my first spot to check...
...2 roll-up crayons, a small notepad, emory board, bracelet, snack size ziplock, coupon for dog treats (and it's NOT expired!), a popsicle stick, one piece of popcorn, 2 ponies (pony tail holder), 2 pink "x"'s (for tic-tack-toe), one pink monkey (apparently to some game), a cheez-it (or is it a cheese nip?), 2 dirty socks, and a pile of miscellaneous trash

wow. what can i say? (i'm typing in lowercase now since it's my way of shrinking back a little :))

Next I went upstairs to the "supply closet". When we first moved in a year ago I filled it with pens, pencils, misc office supplies, phone books, etc. I set up 2 wire baskets (one for each child) to collect school work throughout the year and utilized the upper shelfs for some of The Coach's keepsakes. Now it looks like this...

Heather said it best...

I am fine with the fact that I have areas in my house that are just dirty. H

Alright girls...let's see whatcha got! Check out everyone else's dirty little secrets at Whittaker Woman.


The Coach sent the kids to the back yard this afternoon to clean up after the dogs. They had been out there for all of 3 minutes when the arguing began.

Seriously? They are arguing about who gets to pick up the dog poop (key word: poop).

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Popcorn, Popcorn! Get Your Popcorn!

About a year ago we were the blessed recipients of a really cool popcorn maker from a generous member of our local Freecycle. It has provided tons of popcorn and some essential entertainment on these (occasionally) boring summer nights.

Veggie is my creative child. He is known for pulling out anything and most everything I've thrown away. Pringles cans, milk jugs, cereal boxes...just about anything can become something important to him. Usually he is willing to part with his creations fairly quickly but they definitely keep him busy for a day or so.

The popcorn stand was a cardboard box in it's former life. It was rescued and resurrected into the piece that you see in a matter of an hour or so. It served it's purpose for one evening and we were sure to capture it on film.

This is a typical day in our house. Do you're kids pull things from the trash? Do you sneak the items into the garbage pail or do you set them aside for creative thinking?
NOTE: Sorry for the picture placement lately. I'm strugglin' with blogger! ugh.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last week we traveled to Oklahoma City for The Coach's first family reunion in about 12 years! It was fun to see everyone and the weekend seemed like a whirlwind!

We arrived Friday for the picnic at a local park. Tons of food, music & dancing, dominoes and even swimming for the kids. And, of course, no family reunion is complete without the t-shirt!

On Saturday the group split up...adults (who were interested) went to the casino and the rest of us took a group of kids to Incredible Pizza. It's Chuck E. Cheese x 10!! Both Veggie & Saucy ended up with over 400 tickets to be cashed in for the "prizes" that broke in the car! :)

We had a chance to rest for about an hour before we had to get ready for the evening's banquet. Dress for the evening was defined as "dress to impress yourself"...needless to say there were many interpretations of this. Saucy chose a white dress (former flower girl gown) and she looked radiant (if I say so myself).

Veggie wore his khaki's with a blue button-up and a navy jacket...he is getting so big & handsome!

The banquet was a seated meal (with 3 forks!) and when we were finished eating...

("DJ Jazzy J" aka The Coach) :-)

Dancing was enjoyed by all until 10pm or so. Shoes came off and hair went up. If I may be so bold to say, "a good time was had by all"!