Friday, June 27, 2008

Last week we traveled to Oklahoma City for The Coach's first family reunion in about 12 years! It was fun to see everyone and the weekend seemed like a whirlwind!

We arrived Friday for the picnic at a local park. Tons of food, music & dancing, dominoes and even swimming for the kids. And, of course, no family reunion is complete without the t-shirt!

On Saturday the group split up...adults (who were interested) went to the casino and the rest of us took a group of kids to Incredible Pizza. It's Chuck E. Cheese x 10!! Both Veggie & Saucy ended up with over 400 tickets to be cashed in for the "prizes" that broke in the car! :)

We had a chance to rest for about an hour before we had to get ready for the evening's banquet. Dress for the evening was defined as "dress to impress yourself"...needless to say there were many interpretations of this. Saucy chose a white dress (former flower girl gown) and she looked radiant (if I say so myself).

Veggie wore his khaki's with a blue button-up and a navy jacket...he is getting so big & handsome!

The banquet was a seated meal (with 3 forks!) and when we were finished eating...

("DJ Jazzy J" aka The Coach) :-)

Dancing was enjoyed by all until 10pm or so. Shoes came off and hair went up. If I may be so bold to say, "a good time was had by all"!

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Ami said...

It does look like everyone had a good time! I was just thinking yesterday that it has been a while since you've posted, so welcome back.