Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update: Family and Football. Or is it Football and Family?

Saucy Girl is sick. Again. Second time in less than 2 months. Gosh, how I love the little germy kids at her school!

Today is Day 2 of her quarantine and she's not happy about it. At 5:30am she asked if she could go to school! She's convinced that "G", her little friend, is just missing her somethin' terrible. Saucy Girl is the social butterfly of the family so it's no doubt that she's worried about her lack of socializing during this week. Forget the academics. She's concerned about her popularity status.


Please step away from the stadium. Football season is officially over. It was a looonnng one, stranger-friends. We finished the season 0-10. Yeah. Not so great. We know. (But a HUGE congratulations to my good friend Carolyn on an undefeated season! Go Scots! We'll be watching!)

Now it's time for the reflective season. The one where The Coach can, mid-conversation, start talking about the mistakes, the personnel decisions, the changes that need to be made, etc. He is feeling mentally drained and is craving a vacation. So, next week we are packing it up and heading to OK to visit his parents. Nothing like spending some time with your mama to make you feel better. However, a 4 hour car ride with the little people isn't my idea of fun. OK. Comment all you want. I love my little people like I love my next breath; however, being crammed into a vehicle for 4 hours? Ummm, I'd rather not. And my littles don't sleep on road trips, they just talk. And talk. And talk. (you get the idea?)

So, what are you planning for the Thanksgiving holidays? Anyone taking any road trips? How do you maintain your sanity on the long car rides?

Blessings, Stranger-Friends!


Carolyn said...

Christie! I am teary eyed already from the music, and then you tell us congrats... thanks for that. I agree that heading out of town is great therapy after the season.
A car game we played is Hey Cow! Brace yourself, it is silly,but our kids did it. Each child looks on opposite sides of the car as you travel. Whoever sees a cow, yells Hey Cow and if the cow looks at them they get a point. yes they have to be able to roll the window down, so I'm not sure if you want to do it. Ha!

Regina said...

it could be worse. we are huge ohio state buckeye fans...you could have 2 great seasons then be embarrassed on nat'l TV...second place is the first loser.