Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Full Disclosure - It's Ugly Folks!

Last week I worked part-time for my aunt on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday and then I subbed for 4th grade at Veggie's school on Friday. It was a really long week and things around the house got pretty out of control. I hate not being home to stay on top of things. I've come to realize that the older I get the more of a homebody I become.

Periodically I decide that I'd like to work a little to earn some extra money. Our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up (4/18) and I'd like to actually go somewhere. A wonderful family from church has offered to let the kids stay with them overnight so we are deciding what we'll do. :) God's provision is always there, isn't it? He knows our needs and meets them (in accordance with His will). How blessed we are.

I digress. I've decided to post the pictures of just how bad the house got last week for a couple of reasons. 1) In the spirit of full disclosure - it's all too easy for my blog to portray my life as something it's not and, 2) As a reminder - I need visual reminders of what happens when I work too much. I'm human. Sometimes I slip into the "I wanna go back to work 'cause the money would really help us out" mode...I lose sight of God's constant provision.

I planned to show pictures of the "after"; however, I'm working this week. (Seriously, did I just type that? I know I said "full disclosure", blah, blah, blah, but...)

I know. It's ugly.

St. Monica, Pray For Me! :)


NANCY said...

I had one of those weeks this past week. My house needs a "real" good cleaning too. I am handling it better now than when my kids were younger though. I've learned no matter how much I clean, it always needs to be cleaned again in a week. If I do God's work, however, it lasts for eternity. Always makes me feel a little better!
In Him,

Anonymous said...

Our house is very clean now - and silent. Cleaner than its ever been. Our children are grown and we are stationed a continent from them.

I looked at your pictures with envy...