Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Girls Night

The Coach has been at football camp this week so the kids and I have taken the opportunity to do some deep cleaning! It has been a lot of hard work...sorting through clothes that no longer fit Caela, sorting through Jaedon's tiny pieces of lego's, transformers & imaginex, and even vacuuming the stairs! My reward for it all....Girls Night! I sent an email to a bunch of ladies from church and invited them over for a movie. I made popcorn & cookies and we all wore our pj's! So fun!
Do you ever have 'girls night'? What's on the schedule?


regina said...

sounds like a great time! i used to have girls night when we lived in albuquerque, not anymore here in oregon. perhaps washington will be better.
before it usually entailed going to a movie probably once a month. my sister in law (still in albuq) has girls night every other tues (2 different groups) and i think they usually go to a little cafe and just hang.
shoot, just saw im not signed in.

laura @ peacoat said...

i love girls night! what a great way to unwind and recharge. i love how i feel so encouraged after a good session with strong women.