Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sit Down, This Is A Big One!

I've decided to take the plunge and announce that .... drumroll, please ... We are homeschooling! (well, Veggie Boy anyway) Wow. That's wasn't as scary as I had been anticipating.

In "A Change in Perspective" I shared how God was working on me through my weekly bible study. The topic for the week that followed was 'control'. Ouch. Those first two weeks were really hot topics for me. Each day was difficult to open the study guide and delve into another day of soul searching and realizations. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I released the idea of homeschooling to God. I had to completely trust that He would let us know when/if it was to happen.

Because I had done a lot of reading about homeschool, we had begun to develop goals and expectations for our children's education. It was becoming increasingly apparent that they were not being met at Veggie Boy's school. I conferenced with the teacher, counselor and principal all on separate occasions to no avail. Without going into the details and reasoning for our position, I'll give one example...his teacher (whom I might add was a PE teacher for 15 years, a sub for the last 2 yrs in another district and now in the classroom - 3rd grade TAKS no less) told me that her teaching "style" was to do a lot of boardwork followed up with worksheets to reinforce the lessons...80+ worksheets in 3 weeks of school!! Again, 3rd. grade. Eight and nine yrs old. Enough said?

When I requested a syllabus/scope & sequence/curriculum outline from his teacher I told her that it was difficult to bridge the gap between home & school if I don't know what school is doing. Once I get a graded paper, I cannot's graded. Anyway, she promptly printed out all 42 pages of TEA's TAKS guidelines for 3rd grade. When I told the coach about this situation, he said that we should homeschool.

I released the situation to God, quit carrying the homeschool card in my back pocket and trusted that He would show us when/if.

Blessings, stranger-friends!


Ami said...

Welcome aboard! It's not always easy but worth every moment!

Anonymous said...

I know you can do this..especially with all your organizational skills. I think it will be great for veggie boy also. I'll continue to pray that God will lead you in this endeavor.
Love you,

Regina said...

so, how are you liking it?