Monday, October 15, 2007

Home Management Journal

Ok stranger-friends, I freely admit to being an organizational freak. So in that spirit I am requesting your wisdom and experience with home management journals, binders, notebooks, etc. I've read of some calling it their "control journal". Do you have one? What do you include in it?
I know that Crystal uses a Homekeeping Journal and I've seen a few posts regarding it. I might have to buy one of her ebooks to get the 4-1-1. I thought maybe a few of you are as crazy about organization as I am and would have some fab idea's for me!


Candace said...

The only thing that I do is I have all of my recipes in one binder- divided into categories (breakfast, meat, pasta, etc). I put the pages in plastic page protectors to keep them clean. This isn't really home management, but it keeps my recipes organized :).

Linsey said...

I use a lot. In one 3 ring binder I have:
~before bed and morning routines
~Weekly cleaning plan
~Zone detail cleaning
~ Menu planning
~Important #s

Then I have my Christmas 3 ring binder (a little of Flyladys stuff and
~Master gist list
~Holiday menu planning
~Cookie Swap info and planning
~Christmas card list
~Things to bake and make

And I just started a coupon 3 ring binder with plastic baseball card holders to put coupons in and it has dividers.

I think I am going OVERBOARD with all of my planning lately!! lol
Hope that helps!!

Kamani Siriwardane said...

I have a home management binder & it works very well. Everyweek I try to add a new page to it so that my life becomes more easier.When I travel I just close my eyes and think of a new way of tabulating my chores, a check list I can prepare or a planner I can work out. I scribble I new ideas in a pocket note book & deal with that later. That's how I add a new page everyweek. I ask all friends who visit this site to try it.

kamani Siriwardane said...

Have themes for everyday and everything you do regularly.
For example I have themes for household tasks/chores like this
Sunday- Shining & scheduling
Monday- Mending & maintaining
Tuesday- Tidying & Tuning
Wednesday-Weeding & wiping
Thursday-Thinking & Training
Friday-Filing & folding
Saturday-Sorting & storing

My Computer time is organizied like this
Sunday- Scheduling & Surfing
Monday- Mailing
Friday-face book
Saturday-Sorting & Surfing