Monday, October 15, 2007

Recipe Update

Last week I tried out a new recipe for Spicy Beans and they were GOOD. I had to separate out a couple of servings into a small crock pot for Veggie Boy and the kids enjoyed their version.

Here's the recipe...roughly anyway...I'm not very good about measuring stuff out.

One pound of pinto beans into the crock pot (with plenty of water) on high
Add jalapenos (I used half a jar of the nacho-style with juice)
Add a chopped onion
Add chili powder (maybe a tablespoon?)
Add salt & pepper to taste
Add a splash or two (or three) of Worcestershire sauce

Brown one pound (more or less) of ground beef and drain. Add to beans.
Add any other meat you'd like :-) could add in ground sausage or smoked sausage...I added about 7 strips of raw center-cut bacon (I cut them into bite size pieces)

Cook on high for 6+ hours - the longer the better

Top with grated cheese and serve with cornbread (and sweet tea, of course!)

Happy Eating!

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