Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daddy & Daughter Donut Day (can you say that 5 times fast?)

Monday morning was "Daddy & Daughter Donut Day" at Saucy Girl's school. And Mommy and Daddy forgot! Ouch! I even wrote it on my calendar.

As I pulled up the school and started into the drop-off line I noticed there were cars parked everywhere and there were very few in the line itself. "What's going on here?" I said outloud. Then just as quickly as I said it, I remembered. I gently explained to Saucy Girl that today was Daddy Donut Day and that the Daddy's who either didn't work or worked from home or worked closed to town could come. (She knows her Daddy works a good 30 miles from her school). She said "ok" and headed into the building.

As I left the school I cried for her and then I called The Coach. I told him how I felt awful for forgetting. I was having a "Sabbath" on know, a day of rest. :-) Unfortunately, I rested all day and didn't pull out my calendar to review the week on Sunday night. "I'll make it up to her" said The Coach and with that we hung up.

Cut to 7pm that evening...The Coach walks in the door and, as usual, the kids run to him. Saucy Girl notices he has a box of donuts in his hand. He looks at her and says, "Someone told me that today was Daddy & Daughter Donut Day". "Yes it was" said her little voice. So The Coach said, "Well, let's go have a donut".

My heart was full as I sat and watched The Coach have a donut with Saucy Girl (before he'd even had his dinner). I am so blessed.

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Ami said...

That's sweet! Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog, too.