Saturday, September 22, 2007

POINT 1: We have an older model Whirlpool washing machine and this past Monday it quit agitating and spinning. I don't know about you, but we do lots of laundry here at The Coach's house. Each family member goes through approximately 2 sets of clothes per day! The Coach has dress clothes and practice clothes each day, Veggie Boy is a walking mess, Saucy Girl is apparently always doing a fashion show and needs to wear multiple outfits, and me, well, some days I have "cleaning clothes" and then a set of regular clothes for errands, bible study, etc. Needless to say the pile starts to stack up! Point being...I cannot go without a washing machine.

POINT 2: The Coach is a fabulous husband and father - but, a handyman he is not! Not to mention his time schedule. Let's just say he was a handyman. I guess he could get up at 4am to repair the washing machine before he left for work or he could repair it after he came home and ate know, around 9pm. The Coach is in season and that makes our life a little bit crazy. (Fellow Coach's Wives...Can I get an Amen?) He works very long days and weekends too. Point being...The Coach is very busy and not handy.

So, what's a frugal coach's wife supposed to do with a broken washing machine and a no handyman within 30 miles? D.I.H. Yes, Do It Herself!

A quick phone call to the local, U-Fix-It and I, with the help of the sales associate, had diagnosed the problem and knew what part I needed. I paid the $18.65 for a new coupler and headed home to make the repairs. 1) Remove the washing machine casing 2) Remove the motor and pry off the old coupler lodged onto the motor and the other piece that was attached to the transmission 3)Install the new coupler and reattach the motor 4) Replace the washing machine casing and voila! Repair Complete.

Yeah. If only that easy. I started my repairs Tuesday afternoon and had a relatively easy time of it until I couldn't get the motor back into place. At which time I was flooded with emotion. My body ached from working in a very small, hot, cramped area. I felt defeated because I wasn't able to complete the job and I sat there moved to tears. (Disclaimer - I am normally this emotional :-)) What was I going to do? A new washing machine just isn't in the budget right now and I really wanted to repair this myself for The Coach and our family. I sat there...dirty, sweaty, crying...and cried out to the Lord. (He said we could take even the trivial stuff to Him, right?) I asked God to give me physical strength to hold the motor and reattach; I asked for His help in making this repair for my family. I dried my eyes and tried again. Nothing. I still couldn't get it.
Wednesday passes, Thursday passes, Friday passes...Saturday morning arrives and I know I've got to get back in there to finish my repair. I say a little prayer to start my work. Within 15 minutes...V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!! I was so excited I shouted it out loud. The kids thought I was crazy for sure! I called The Coach and held the phone to the washing machine as it agitated and told him I had done it!
Frugal Friday Tip - Don't think you can't make a repair! Do It Yourself! Say a prayer and stick with it.
By the way - By my calculations this repair saved my family approximately $300!! (and that's doesn't account for delivery, taxes, extended warranties, etc)

Hat Tip to Debi Pearl's book, Created to Be His Help Meet for the idea of being my husband's helper.

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