Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Making My Home A Haven

I've decided to join Crystal in one of her new year challenges. Mondays will be "Making My Home A Haven" day! Crystal will post a challenge each Monday intended to help us make our homes the haven we desire. An accountability system of sorts!

My day started by making my to-do list. I'm trying to keep it do-able. Lots of times I have grand plans for the day and it doesn't allow for any interruptions or down time. So in the spirit of simplicity I'm keeping it short.

Here's the coat closet before... (don't make fun!)

After spending a few minutes cleaning and organizing, I'm pleased with the clean result!

Yea! Off to item 2! I've been using the tortilla recipe at Hillbilly Housewife and my family loves it. When I make the batch I usually get about 2 dz tortillas so it's more than enough. We had a neighborhood mexican-themed potluck and I tried them out there. I came home with a empty bag so I assume they were well received (in addition to the fact that there were 3 pkgs of store-bought tortillas which did NOT get finished off) :-)

During the fall semester I really struggled to get up early and get everything done before 8am that is necessary around here. My biggest problem was procrastinating at night. I really should pre-prepare (is that a word? lol) breakfast and iron the night before, BUT it seems I never get it done. So now that The Coach is back to school I'm trying to do better. Ironing today what he will wear tomorrow should help me tremendously!

Veggie Boy decided he wanted to do my pilates video with me. I pulled out an extra band for him to use and we got set up in the spare room upstairs - plenty of space. He lasted 5 minutes! What a weenie! Oh well, maybe he'll stick it out a little longer today.

Alright, stranger-friends quit looking all my messy spaces and get out there and Make Your Home A Haven!

Be sure to check out the others participating over at Biblical Womanhood.

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