Sunday, August 19, 2007

And We're Off...

5am is really. early. I roll from the bed and make my way to the bathroom. I try to stay as quiet as possible. I do not want to wake the kids. With a clean face I wake The Coach and he heads to the shower. After his clothes are laid out I groggily make my way to the kitchen to whip up some kind of breakfast for him. I make pancakes in the light of the hallway lamp (again, I do not want to wake the kids.) and serve him in our room. By 5:40am I'm standing in the garage kissing him goodbye.

This is our life. At least for the next two weeks while we finish Fall Ball (you may know it as 2-a-days). The kids and I will immerse ourselves into The Coachs' life - we will be at every scrimmage and game and we will pop-in at practice occasionally. This year we are doing Popsicle Thursday's - we'll deliver popsicles to the players at the end of practice each Thursday. This keeps us involved with The Coach and helps to keep the family bond strong.

When school starts The Coach will be home just in time for bedtime prayers. Veggie Boy & Saucy Girl have had their Daddy home and available for most of the summer and these first few weeks will be hard on them. I have to admit that it is hard on me too! After 10 years of having my life interrupted by football season you'd think I'd be used to it. I think the only thing that is different from the first year is that I now know what to expect - but it doesn't make it any easier. There is always an adjustment period.

'tis but a season, right?

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