Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did You Keep Track & Other Christmas Questions

Well, now that it's all over (around here there are several stops before Christmas Day even arrives!) and I've had a chance to sit back and reflect on it, I have one word...Wow! Even when we try to pare it down it seems so overwhelming as I sit amongst so much stuff. Next year, I want to be more like Meredith at Like Merchant Ships or Milehimama at Mama Says!

So, my question to you. Did you keep track of your spending? Did you stay in budget? I'm a little afraid to actually sit down and tally it up at this point. As usual
Meredith did a fabulous job and I'm truly in awe of her abilities to acquire such fabulously frugal finds.

Which brings me to my next questions. How do you organize your kids gifts? Does Santa bring everything? Are some wrapped and some not? Are some from Mommy & Daddy? I'm curious how others do it. We've tried to stick with one from Santa and three from us and it usually works.

One last question, do you and your spouse exchange gifts?

Ok stranger-friends, let's hear it! How was your Christmas?

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Rachel Anne said...

Hey there, new Company Girl! Great to meet you. What is really fun is "finding" friends through the CG thing and instantly knowing, "yep! She's one for sure!!!"

I'm also in N. Central Texas!

Great questions on Santa...we do one santa gift and the rest from us. He usually left the gifts on the fireplace or in the stockings and nibbled the cookies we left for him. He was a minor (but fun) player in the festivities. Now my kids are all older so those days are gone....sniff.

I look forward to getting to know you more!